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Hi! My name is Dhairya Mehta. Welcome to my Website.

Woah, a whole paragraph just about me?

I call myself an explorer! Each day, something new inspires me. Since I stepped out of school, it's all about learning and unlearning things. Professionally and Passionately, I'm a marketing guy currently working at Testbook as Digital Marketing Manager. Also, a Product, Data and Technology enthusiast. I realised that each challenge, project, task or relationship takes me on a journey where I uncover curiosity, capabilities and interests within me. When I'm not here, I might be travelling & exploring new destinations aimlessly!

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Lead Gen, CRO & Sales Cycle


Retention Marketing


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June, 2021 - Present

Digital Marketing Manager

Testbook.com, Mumbai, India

Current Role includes managing 4+ Growth Verticals and a team of 9

Growth Marketing & Automation: Comms team efficiency increased by 3x | Revenue hacks using Freemium Product - Eliminated need for manpower and increased views by 19% | Campaign automation - CTR up by 57% | Daily class notification auto-posting | Channels hygiene & rulebook, triggers on low performing campaigns.

Category Marketing: GTM | Creative/Brand Ads | Launch (60K+ Views) | Funnel Growth (3% CVR) | User & Market Research | Multi-channel Inventory | Lead & Sales Cycle | 0 to 1 Cr Category in 5 months.

Influencer Marketing: Influencer revenue jump by 1.7x in 4 months | Completed playbooks, set up processes | Acquired Power YouTube Influencers | Scaled the no. of videos & influencers MoM by 50% & 35%

E-commerce Product Marketing: Amazon Bestseller #2 | Started from 0 to 100K+ copies sold | Marketplace & Inventory management | Influencer, Video, Amazon Ad | Pre-booking landing page (MVP - 3% CVR, 100K+ Visit, 1500+ Txns) | E-commerce Website (60K MAU organic)

Referral Marketing: Increased Referral Contribution by 2x | 33% Increase in New Referrers | 20% Increase in Viral Coefficient | 2.5x Increase in ROI 

Retention Engine: Built multi-channel customer journeys to engage and nudge users to do core activities. App Install campaign | Newsletter | Pre-purchase & Post-purchase Journeys (Push, WhatsApp, SMS, E-mail)

Dec, 2020 - June, 2021

Digital Marketing Intern

Testbook.com, Mumbai, India

Worked on 3 projects to scale revenue of Testbook Pass.

Leveraged Internal Channels, Referral Marketing, Retention and Automation.

Contribution of Referral jumped from 8% to 17.5% in 3 Months.

Managing Ecommerce marketing of 'Banking SmartBook'

Optimizing strategies and campaigns through analysis using self-created visualizations and dashboarding.

Jul, 2020 - Dec, 2020

Marketing Intern (Team Lead)

Good Neighbors, Sydney, Australia

Led the Digital Marketing projects and managed the Interns.

Developed visualizations/dashboards to analyse Marketing KPIs and insights across all channels.

Data-driven decisions helped in achieving a traffic boost of 25% and an increment in conversions by 180%

May, 2020 - Nov, 2020


The Lockdown Story

The Lockdown Story was founded by 3 friends and made up of more than 50 members from 6 countries who worked together to narrate 350+ powerful stories from 15 countries in 12 languages.

Our community was the storehouse of ideas, talent and creativity which narrated these stories in different digital formats like podcasts, blogs, videos, visual arts, etc.

'The Lockdown Story' is about you and everyone who's experienced the pandemic.

May, 2019 - Jul, 2019

Fellow, Media for Social Change

Yes Bank, Ahmedabad, India

The prestigious fellowship amplified the Communication of Social organisations through youth leadership.

Selected from over 16,000 nationwide applicants.

2-month placement in the Water management Non-profit 'Swaneer'

Maximised the communication efforts and reach by 5000 through social media, film-making and content writing

2017 - 2021

B.Tech (Electronics & Telecommunication)

IIIT Bhubaneswar

Delivered practical sessions for Digital Marketing elective subject to '21 Batch

9.57/10 in Digital Marketing

9.5/10 in Oral & Written Business Communication

Convener, Ingenium'20

Hospitality Head, Advaita'20

2007 - 2017

10+2 - Science with Math (CBSE)

Krishna Public School, Raipur

95/100 in Mathematics (Achiever's Award)

98/100 in Physical Education

State Level Cricket

State Level Photography

Fundraising activities for Underprivileged Children

What i did

Emerging Leader'Q4 | Star Performer'Q2 (2021-22)

Received the Emerging Leader & Star Performer Award in the same year for meeting the highest standards and showing the unshakable determination. Received the award by CEO & CMO. (By Testbook)

Google Ads Top Marketer

Managed the Budget of $20,000 in Google Ads under Google Online Marketing Challenge for Non-profit Good Neighbors, Australia to scale the website traffic and social impact.

Yes Bank Fellowship Top 5

Selected from 16,000 applicants pan-India for a social change project of Water management. Felicitated with the 'Top 5 Fellows' award for Outstanding social impact.

Decipher National Finalist

Product Marketing Challenge by Testbook where we designed a product to upskill graduates and connect them with jobs. Also formulated the business plan and marketing strategy. Completed the challenge as a National finalist.

DMC World Rank 11

International Digital Marketing challenge by Purdue University, USA where we developed and pitched digital strategy for a US-based financial start-up. 1st in India, 2nd in Asia and 11th globally.


Upskill Bharat - Product Marketing
Social Impact - Yes Bank Foundation
Changed - Digital Strategy
Google Ad Grants - Good Neighbors, Australia

All Projects  


Top Marketer (Google Ad Grants)
Project Management (Coursera)
Digital Currencies (University of Nicosia)
Marketing Analytics (University of Virginia)

All Certifications  

Latest Works

all Data UI/UX Marketing Website Graphics Initiative
SSC SmartBook Pre-booking Website view project

SSC SmartBook Pre-booking Website (3% CVR)

Project Brief:

Launched the Pre-booking website to take pre-launch orders for SSC SmartBook on discount. Implemented a referral strategy in the landing page. Generated over 100K+ Web Page views within 10 days and 1500+ Pre-bookings with 800+ Succesful conversions with 16% of Net Profit.

Project info

  • Date - Nov 2021
  • Tools - Instapage
  • Knowledge - HTML, CSS, Sales Funnel, Payment Integration, Marketing, Business
  • Web - books.testbook.com
International Digital Marketing Competition view project

DMC Purdue University

Project Brief:

International Digital marketing Competition is a global level competition organized by Purdue Northwest University, Indiana, USA. This year 'Changed App' was the lead sponsor and the case study was also based on that which is basically a loan repayment app that uses rounding of method in order to shed the loan off the students and make them debt-free much sooner. We researched the financial institutions and systems of the USA, loan procedure, its repayment options and how this app helped students to achieve the goal. As a part of primary research, we also got in touch with a few native Americans to get better insights. Finally, after all the research we devised an efficient marketing strategy to help 'Changed' reach the national audience and service people at a much larger scale. We secured 11th rank globally and 1st rank in India. We also became the first Indian team to register its name in the Top 20 of International DMC.

Project info

  • Date - Oct 2020
  • Challenge - International Digital Marketing Challenge, Purdue University
  • Methods - Market Research, Research methedology, Financial Institutions, Marketing Strategy
  • Web - digitalmarketingcompetition.com
Google Online Marketing Challenge Top Marketer view project

Google Marketing Challenge

Project Brief:

Google Non-profit Marketing Immersion formerly knows as Google online marketing Challenge is a challenge organized by Google which connects the Non-profits with the students. The student team then helps the Non-profit by running the Google Ads for the organization to increase their awareness using the $10,000 monthly budget in the Google ad grants account received by Google. This program aims to develop the understanding of Google ads, Search Engine Marketing, teamwork and dynamics, client relationship management, etc. We completed this challenge with the recognition of 'Top Marketer' by Google.

Project info

  • Date - June 2020
  • Non-profit/Organizer - Give a Care, Australia / Google
  • Tools - Google Ads, Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Search Console, Data Studio, Wordpress, Woocommerce
  • Web - google.com
Testbook Decipher Product Marketing Strategy view project

Decipher Product Marketing

Project Brief:

This presentation was given to the panel members from Testbook for the 'Product Marketing' track of the Nationwide Decipher Challenge. Our team completed the challenge as the national finalist. This presentation demonstrates the applications made for upskilling the graduates and hiring the best candidates among them. It also explains the Go-to-market strategy for the product, a detailed business plan which includes finances, stakeholders, partners, etc and the strategy to scale the product.

Project info

  • Date - Sept 2020
  • Challenge - Testbook Decipher Product Marketing
  • Methods - Product Research, Market Research, Survey, Competitor Analysis
  • Web - testbook.com
Dhairya Mehta Personal Website view project

personal portfolio

Project Brief:

‌I made my personal portfolio website using HTML/CSS/Javascript with the help of a template by Template Clue. I wanted to share my experience with everyone through the website and also to help prospective employers learn more about me.

Project info

  • Date - Aug 2020
  • Made for - myself
  • Tools - HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Web - dhairyamehta.in
Aditi Deshpande Author Website view project

Author's Website

Project Brief:

‌I made this website for my sister Aditi, who is an author, blogger and current student of law at Hidayatullah National Law University.
The design of the website focuses primarily on personal branding and was designed with elements and keeping colour patterns in mind that highlights the interest in writing and sharing informative content through blogs and articles.

Project info

  • Date - Nov 2020
  • Made for - Aditi Deshpande
  • Tools - HTML, CSS, Wordpress
  • Web - aditideshpande.in
The Lockdown Story - Website view project

The Lockdown Story - Website

Project Brief:

‌The website was the heart and soul of 'The Lockdown Story'. It showcased each and everything we touched and each and every corner of the world we reached. It had all the podcast episodes, people involved in it, videos page, stories of people, social page and the details of all the members of 'The Lockdown Story'. I also created a member log in area for easy usability so that each and every member can login hassle-free and start drafting their stories right away.

Project info

  • Date - 2020
  • Initiative - Social Community
  • Tools - HTML, CSS, Javascript, Wordpress, Blogger
  • Web - thelockdownstory.in
The Lockdown Story - Android App view project

The Lockdown Story - Android App

Project Brief:

The TLS App was made out of my interest to apply UI/UX in some projects. I categorized the website into different sections and made a design for each of them. The Android app had the capability to run podcasts, videos, update in real-time with the stories updated in the website using REST API, etc.

Project info

  • Date - Aug 2020
  • Initiative - Social Community
  • Tools - Figma, Bravo Studio, Android Studio, REST API
  • Web - thelockdownstory.in
Upskill Bharat App UI view project

Upskill Bharat App

Project Brief:

Upskill Bharat is an App UI and UX made as part of Testbook's Decipher Product Marketing Challenge. This app provides professional courses to the graduates and undergraduates and upskills them through practical tasks. At the same time, it also gives an opportunity to apply for the related job on the platform itself.

Project info

  • Date - Sept 2020
  • Challenge - Testbook Decipher Product Marketing
  • Tools - Figma, Marvel Mockup, Canva, Videoscribe
  • Website - testbook.com
Upskill Bharat Employer Side Web App view project

Employer Side Web App

Project Brief:

This Employer Side Web App is also a part of the Product Marketing challenge. It is connected with the Mobile App and pulls the user data from the app. The App provides the ability to the hiring managers and recruiters to assess applicants based on self-defined parameters and also provides an option to schedule an interview or waitlist a candidate till the next date.

Project info

  • Date - Sept 2020
  • Challenge - Testbook Decipher Product Marketing
  • Tools - Figma, Canva
  • Website - testbook.com
Testbook Smart Book Website view project

Smart Book - Ecommerce Marketing

Project Brief:

Banking SmartBook is the next generation book released by Testbook which has unique and advanced features like 'Time to Answer' and 'Smart Answer Key' which are introduced using Data Intelligence and assessing the attempt behaviour of lakhs of students on the Testbook platform. This book is also listed on Amazon and I am responsible for the E-commerce marketing of the 'Smart Book'. The Bestseller rank of the book was above 10,000 previously in the 'Exam Preparation' category but it's now at 150.

Project info

  • Date - May 2021
  • Working at - Testbook.com
  • Tools - Mailerlite, Google Tag Manager, Search console, Google Analytics
  • Landing Page - books.testbook.com
Smart Book KPI Dashboard view project

Smart Book - KPIs Dashboard

Project Brief:

SmartBook dashboard is similar to other dashboards made by me. This dashboard has 2 parts. 1st part displays all the important metrics about the Amazon performance and sales stats as well as the landing page performance. The 2nd part displays the analytics data in a simpler way to understand everything more clearly.

Project info

  • Date - May 2020
  • Working at - Testbook.com
  • Tools - Amazon Seller Central, Gorilla ROI, Google Analytics, Data Studio
  • Web - amazon.in
The Lockdown Story view project

The Lockdown Story

Project Brief:

The Lockdown Story is an initiative started by 3 friends, Nishant, Shivangi and me. It is made up of more than 50 members from 6 countries to achieve one single goal - "Tackle the pandemic by narrating the most inspiring stories ever created" All of us worked together to narrate 350+ powerful stories from 15 countries in 12 languages. These stories were narrated in different digital formats like podcasts, blogs, videos, visual arts, etc. 'The Lockdown Story' is about you and everyone who's been impacted in some way or the other by the pandemic.

Project info

  • Date - May 2020
  • Initiative - Social Community
  • Tools - Podcasts, YouTube, Videoscribe, Auphonic, Audacity
  • Web - thelockdownstory.in
Creative Designing view project

Creative Designing

Project Brief:

I was highly active in organizing events and cultural activities in the college. As the activities were increasing, I also discovered my interest in designing. I thought, there would be no better way to start except to try my hands on designing creatives and making videos for the college clubs and events. Steadily, I increased my frequency of designing and in the end found out that there were more than 70 designs made by me throughout college life.

Project info

  • Date - Oct 2018
  • Made for - Club Activities, IIIT Bhubaneswar
  • Tools - Photoshop, Filmora, Adobe Premier Pro, Photoshop
  • College Website - iiit-bh.ac.in
Weekly Reporting Dashboard view project

Retention Marketing KPIs Dashboard

Project Brief:

After a few weeks of joining Testbook, I got an understanding of what metrics are important for the projects we are working on. We used to present those metrics on a Google sheet which would require a lot of manual tasks and there were chances of errors too. Hence, I identified a way to present all the metrics in a dynamic data studio report which connects with Google sheet and pulls all the data from the sheet and displays the defined metrics in the pre-defined set of conditions at high-level as well as granular level. Since then, we were able to optimize the manual tasks and focus more on analysis and inducing insights from the data.

Project info

  • Date - Mar 2020
  • Working at - Testbook.com
  • Tools - Webengage, Branch, Data Studio, Substack, Stripo, Google Sheets
  • Web - testbook.com
SmartBook E-commerce Website view project

SmartBook E-commerce Website (60K MAU Organic)

Project Brief:

Built SmartBook's E-commerce website from scratch by learning and understanding liquid themes, codes, framework. Product listing, combos, content marketing led to 60K+ MAU with 0 Marketing spends. Integrated Payments, logistics, marketing communications, Reporting via APIs, Automation, Referral program to scale the revenue.

Project info

  • Date - Jan 2022
  • Tools - Shopify, Analytics, Webengage
  • Knowledge - Liquid Themes, Listing, HTML, CSS
  • Web - books.testbook.com
Communication Analysis Dashboard view project

Internal Communication Analysis Dashboard

Project Brief:

When I joined Testbook, initially, I was given the task to run communications using internal channels for the audience. On the scheduling part, everything was well set up and established. But, when it came to the analysis part, there was no proper system to assess the effectiveness of the communication with respect to the messages sent. Although it was available at the campaign level, it is also very necessary to assess which communications are performing well. Hence, I created the dashboard on Data Studio to analyse the performance of communication and its direct impact on revenue.

Project info

  • Date - Feb 2021
  • Working at - Testbook.com
  • Tools - Data Studio, Webengage, Branch, Google Sheets
  • Website - testbook.com


Dhairya and his team has produced outstanding results for the Give a Care Foundation’s Google Ad Grants Account. They have successfully increased the number of monthly conversions tenfold, assisting us to connect with our desired target audiences and drive quality traffic to our website. Any nonprofit working with them in the future is lucky.

Sari Paltiel Sari Paltiel

Marketing Specialist, Give a Care, Australia

I recommend Dhairya highly to any prospective employer seeking a reliable, dedicated and hard-working person who has a very strong work ethic. I have absolute confidence in his ability and have no doubt that Dhairya will prove to be an excellent asset to any organisations. I believe his knowledge and determination in digital marketing he has shown will follow him in his future endeavours.

Millie LY Millie LY

Program Manager, Good Neighbors, Australia

Dhairya was instrumental in the redesign of our company's website. He also contributed valuable insights that advanced our digital marketing strategy. My co-directors and I highly recommend Dhairya!

Philip Dubow Philip Dubow

CEO, M74 Group, New York

As a student of mine, I know him he possesses excellent technical skills along with a leadership quality which will provide him growth in his future endeavour. I wish him success.

Janendra Kumar Routray Dr. Janendra Kumar Routray

Asst. Professor, IIIT Bhubaneswar

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